Key Takeaways from Innovations in Recovery 2017

Earlier this month, we attended Innovations in Recovery, the annual event hosted by Foundations Recovery Network, in San Diego California. This year, close to 1,100 participants attended panels about advancements in treatment and the challenges facing the substance abuse industry.

Medivance sponsored two panels – one on the potential changes coming to healthcare should the Affordable Care Act (ACA) be repealed, and one about the legislative challenges many substance abuse centers are facing in California, Florida and Texas.

For her panel, Angelia N. Mays, CPC, CPPM, discussed the various moving pieces involved in the potential repeal of the ACA, including coverage losses due to the potential dissolution of Medicaid. Mays’s talk was detailed and in depth. If you’re interested, you can view her entire discussion below – but you might want to grab a pen!

For her part, Laurie Reid, LMFT, CAP, discussed the various legislative crackdowns affecting the substance abuse industry and argued that substance abuse providers need a seat at the table.

You can view her talk below . (It starts around minute 6.)

As you can see, we are moving into a new era in substance abuse recovery, where legislation meant to target unethical practices and abuses in the industry are ensnaring all involved.

Our take is that legislation meant to bring the industry into bounds isn’t bad – but necessary. It’s important to ensure that all treatment centers and sober living homes are operating on the up-and-up. But, as Reid emphasized, it’s essential that the industry not let legislators and insurance company lobbyists write the bills that will govern our industry without our input. In order to move in a more positive and ethical direction, treatment centers and industry experts must have a seat at the table in order to be a voice for the patients they serve.

Next up, we’ll be at our very own State of Recovery Conference in Hollywood, Florida, where Dr. Drew Pinsky is the keynote speaker. It should be a good one!